Exposure to mold and other dirt particles in the home can certainly cause a lot of health problems and one hidden place where mold can thrive is within your AC. With air circulating constantly through the air conditioning unit into your house, mold spores are often picked up as well as pushed into the living areas of your property.

Cleaning Your Window Type Air Conditioning System

Basic Cleaning Tips

First and foremost, when cleaning your air conditioner, make sure that it is disconnected from its power sources. Make sure to unplug all the power cords that are going into the AC unit. If your unit is directly wired to your house, then disconnect it from the fuses or you can also turn off your master circuit breaker. You should also follow the instruction of the unit manufacturer in terms of discharging the capacitor. It is a device which holds extra power charge in order to help kick start your air conditioner motor. Thus, this is a very important step to make sure that there’s no any electrical charges left in your air conditioning unit before you start cleaning.

Cleaning the Outside Cover of Your Air Conditioning Unit

You can simply wipe down the window air conditioner’s outside part using a wet cloth. Make sure to get much grime and dust off as possible in order to prevent them from falling inside the AC unit when you will open the cover.

Removing the Front Cover of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Some window type AC covers can be easily pulled off using your hands. However, other window AC covers might have screws or plastic hooks which you should remove first. Place any clamps or screws in a safer place while you’re working. You should also take note that some air conditioning units have a metal grill which has to be removed. You need to use extra caution when you’re handling the grill as the metal edges of the grill can be very sharp.

Cleaning Air Conditioner Filters

If your air conditioning unit has a filter that’s reusable, then it has to be cleaned. You can easily remove it from your air conditioning unit. Simply place the filter in the bucket that’s filled halfway with soapy, warm water. Swish your air conditioner’s filter around in order to wash off dirt buildup. Once your air conditioner filter is very dirty, you might need to brush the buildup in order to get rid of it. Set it aside after washing and just let it completely dry prior to putting it back to your unit. Bear in mind that a wet filter will just attract extra mold and dirt.

On the other hand, if your air conditioning unit has a filter that’s disposable, make sure to change it regularly. The department of energy actually suggests that air conditioner filters should be changed at least once a month especially during the cooling season. It’s also advised to reach out to the professionals such as Air Conditioner Tampa service providers when it comes to cleaning your air conditioning system.