Now that summer’s humid and hot weather is paving its way to the colder climates of the next season, it is the perfect time to ready your property for the seasonal change. You can help stop having drafty cold spots within your home by sealing the leaks around your doors and windows. Through this, you can save money on your electricity bills every month. If you are looking for means to tackle this cope with this home maintenance, the key to efficiency would be to determine and detect if your home has small air leaks that stop your home from becoming the energy-efficient and cozy home you want. Here are some tips while checking for air leaks on your windows and doors. 

Be keen to details 

Upon inspection, you should begin with a detailed visual checkup from both your home’s exterior and interior. On the exterior, you must search for places where old caulking has been damaged as this exposes the gaps between the window or door frame and the siding of your home. 

Once you have traditional single-paned windows Wisconsin, you should pay attention to damaged glazing—a hard putty that holds together the individual panes. Once every window’s whole perimeter isn’t closed tightly against air and water, it means that your home is prone to costly heat loss. 

Do a smoke test 

Though a lot of problematic spaces are quite apparent, remember that other air leaks cannot be seen easily. Thankfully, you conducting a smoke test can help in determining these air leaks. To do this, you only have to shut all of your doors and windows in your house and switch off any combustion tools you have, like a water heater or furnace. Then, you’ll have to turn on the bathroom and kitchen exhaust vent. Doing this can help make a negative pressure in your home that sucks the air from outside into your home via any opening or crack. 


Be technical 

Another way to determine air leak is to utilize an infrared thermometer that can help assess the ambient air temperatures over the door and window frames. If the place has cold air that leaks into your house, the infrared thermometer will display a colder temperature, which indicates a vulnerable place that could possibly be costing your money or wasting energy. This equipment can definitely help you save money.  


Contact the professionals 

If you do not want to observe air leaks on your own house later on, you should employ an expert energy auditor all the time and regularly to do a blower-door test on your property. A blower door test is somewhat similar to a smoke test since it can determine and examine your home’s air tightness. Also, it is an effective means if you want to detect air leaks. During this test, a particular fan will be installed to the door frame of your home that helps pull air out of your house. This procedure can result in a reduced interior air pressure.